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$1,000 +

Decatur County Community Foundation Inc

Bellringing - 11/29, 11/30 & 12/1

Davis & Daughters Wash & Lube Inc

Anonymous Donors

In Memory of Oskar & Zita Mae Rust and Jack & Betty Balkwill

Bellringing - 12/6, 12/7 & 12/8

In Memory of Steve, Gene & Betty Moore

In Memory of Our Son & Grandson, Luke Edward O'Mara

In Memory of Bonnie Springmeyer from Dave & Renae Springmeyer

Bellringing - 12/13, 12/14 & 12/15

First Financial Bank

In Memory of Capt Robert P Acher

In Honor of the Decatur County Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees & Medical Staff





11/23 & 11/24 Bellringing

Lake Point / The Oaks Apartments

PEO Chapter T Ladies

Roland & Donna Shirk

Dr Thomas & Elizabeth Brown

Decatur County Farmers Mutual Insurance Company

In Memory of Morgan & Nansi Miers, Herb Scheidler and Paul Gauck from David & Mary Miers

Sarah & Paul Nahmias




Anonymous Donors

Decatur County REMC Employees

Presbyterian Women, First Presbyterian Church

Raver Ready Mix Concrete

St Mary's Ladies Auxiliary 202 - Millhousen

In Memory of Loved Ones from Marilyn Thackery

In Memory of Bob & Elvera Shaw and Christopher, Lawrence & Martha Huser

Therese Zins

Animal Medical Hospital

Arnold & Sylvia Waters

In Memory of Carroll "Wig" & Ruth Knarr and Richard H & Mildred Nobbe

In Memory of Gerald A Foster, Dorothy J Foster, Charles E Foster and Trevor A Foster from the Foster Family

South Decatur Jr-Sr High School

GJHS Student Council

One Solution Logistics "OSL" Bake Sale

Kingston Presbyterian Church

Believers Sunday School Class - First Baptist Church

Decatur County Shrine Club

In Memory of Danny Wilhoit and Steven Ruppert

In Memory of Patti Wenning from Your Bunco Babes

In Honor of Robert & Natalie Pumphrey from the Employees of Ag Production

In Memory of the Bokelman & Hellmich Families

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics - Bake Sale & Soup Cook Off

Decatur County Highway Dept Employees

Stradley Hagerty LLC

Rob & Joan Eversole

In Honor of Priscilla Hancock & Family, Jane Hancock, John M Hancock, Steven Hancock Family, and Bruce & Carmen Tanis from Art & Carolyn Cleland

In Memory of EJ & Ruth Hancock, John C & Katherine Hancock, John J Hancock, and Andrea Lee Swenson from Art & Carolyn Cleland

In Memory of Mort & Amelia Cleland, Merrill, Lester & Walter Cleland, Imogene Davis and Marilee Blackledge from Art & Carolyn Cleland

In Memory of Bill Smith and Other Fallen Firefighters from Clarksburg Coffee Guys

In Memory of Grandpa & Grandma Thewes, Grandma & Grandpa Veerkamp, Clarence & Mary (Estell) Veerkamp,           Robert Veerkamp, Clarence (Huck) Jr Veerkamp, Georganna Veerkamp, Elenora Bartholomew, Pam Cummingore, oren Hundnall, Dwight Roseberry, Jeff Roseberry and Tyler Catron

In Memory of Our Grandson, Luke Edward O'Mara - Love, Papaw & Mamaw

In Memory of Jackie Blasdel from William Blasdel

In Memory of Jackie Blasdel from Beth Blasdel and Greg DeWitt

Greensburg Rotary Club

In Honor of Betty Gauck from J & A

Valeo Employees





Network for Good (Facebook Donation) by Anonymous

Holy Trinity LWML

In Memory of My Grandparents, Eugene & Naomi Turner and Leroy & Inez Hoffmeyer from Eric Hoffmeyer

Bear Creek Baptist Church Sunday School

Eva Westhafer

Carole Burr

Lou Alexander

In Memory of George Granholt from Greensburg Kiwanis Club

Dennis & Reba

Emily Hasselbeck

In Memory of Marilyn Rosenberry from Jim Rosenberry

In Memory of Virgil & Sarah Whipple from the Family 

Dennis & Susan Wilson

In Memory of Raymond Nobbe and Walter & Laura Gentry from the Family

In Memory of Jackie Ewing from the Tennessee Gals

First Baptist Church of Greensburg - Thankful Hearts Class

In Memory of David Begley from Claudette Begley

In Memory of Buddy Demaree from New Point Kiwanis

In Memory of Our Angel, Seth Woodard, from Mommy, Daddy & Wesley; Grandma & Grandpa Ogden; 
          and Grandma & Grandpa Essex

Bellringing - Westport 12/1

Anonymous Donors

In Memory of George Osborn from Reggie

Charity Gaming Fund

In Honor of Leo & Gary Wolter from the Family

In Memory of George Wyatt from Zella, Brian & Family and Brenda & Family

Thomas Welage

Liberty Baptist Church

In Memory of Our Little Angel, Luke O'Mara, with Love from Grandma & Andy

In Memory of Paul, Dorotha & James Wenning from Bill

In Memory of Holly Peters, Harold, Sue & Randy Wilson from Bill

Joe & Anne Westhafer

In Memory of Loved Ones

In Memory of Ralph & Mayme Miller, Wilson & Elsie Huey and Billy Gene Huey

In Memory of Families: Feaster, Melick, Pleak & Amrhein

In Memory of Bill Hunter from the Family

Ken & Sandy Seitz

In Memory of Russell & Ginnie Meyerrose and Brother Tim from Greg Meyerrose

In Memory of Clyde & Clara Kluttz from the Zttulks

In Memory of Earl & Naomi McLaughlin, John & Betty Tower, Diane (Tower) Miner and Joyce (McLaughlin) Brown from Gordon & Susie

In Memory of Elvin & Ethel Linkmeyer from Grandchildren and Roger & Phyllis

In Memory of Loved Ones from Bill & Connie Meyerrose

In Memory of Dorothy, Tim & Ron from Maurice

In Memory of Bob Brewsaugh from Carolyn 

In Memory of Harry, Loretta & James Vanderbur and Frank & Cathleen Loyd

In Memory of Daryl, Barry & Westy from a Friend

GCHS Drama Club


GCHS Jr Optimist Club



Abby, Amy, Becky, Crystal, Gisele, Jeannie, Jenny, Jennie, Karen & Rachel from REMC

In Honor of the Employees of the Decatur County Courthouse

In Memory of Norbert & Margie Hahn, Carl & Goldia Millera and Lowell Miller

In Memory of Robert D Meal from Colleen Meal

In Memory of Howard & Belle King and Gar & Flora Meal from Colleen Meal

In Memory of Ron Bokelman, Adolph & Lois Bokelman and Carlos & Mildred Hite

In Memory of Sheldon & Elizabeth Smith

In Memory of Charles E Gilliland from Debby

Jim & Gloria Wenning

In Memory of Delbert & Jean Martin and Jim Boing

In Memory of Loved Ones from Ted & Pat Thornburg

Jessica Kinker

John & Sandra Westhafer

Parkside Lanes

Decatur County Farm Bureau Inc

In Memory of Lewis & Dorothy Laker and Fritz & Irene Reichel

In Memory of Dan Lecher from Betty Lecher

Ben & Karen Brancamp

Mike & Nita McCoy

Glenn & Laura Tebbe

In Memory of Howard G & Ruth Ann Shake from Bill & Shirley Doles

In Memory of Alfred & Isabella Schoettmer

In Memory of Alvin & Mildred Koors from Jerry & Angel

In Memory of Tom Glaser and Helen Dempsey from Dick & Molly Glaser

In Memory of Trevor Foster and Other Loved Ones

In Memory of Wilbur Senft from the Family 

In Memory of JoAnne Ricke from Paul & Marge

In Memory of Mom, Dad, Clark & Don

In Memory of Ed, Mary and Ron Klene from the Ed Klene Family 

In Memory of Don Brewsaugh from Darlene Brewsaugh, Deanna Hookway & Family and Brian Brewsaugh & Family

Al & Mary Doles

Optimist Club of Greensburg

Daryl & Carol Tressler

From a Friend

In Memory of Luke Edward O'Mara and Jerry Williams - Love, Blake, Amy, Rylee, Nora & Caroline

Jane & LJ

Tim Gauck & Roger DuMond & the Purdue Ag Fans of Decatur County

Lois Laskowski






Night Extension Homemakers Club

Lois Chapter #147 OES

In Memory of Donald Eldredge from Glenda Eldredge & Family

In Memory of Gene Hatton and Tom Glass

Vanessa Martin

Anonymous Donors

In Lieu of Christmas Gifts

In Memory of Barbara Jean Manus and Norbert Meyer from Frank P Manus

In Memory of Loved Ones from Dot & Charles

Don & Sharon Wickens

In Memory of Arthur & Eva Simon and Albert & Angela Wissel

For Grandpa Earl

All for One Ministry - December Mission of the Month

In Memory of Our Angels: Elizabeth Nicole Schwering, Christian Schwering, Courtney Jo Schwering and Mallory Moore

In Memory of Loved Ones

In Memory of John (Bill) Hogg from Terry & Family, John & Family, Debi & Family and Sherri & Family 

In Memory of John, Mike & Dale Krieger from Lorina

Sherry Israel

Thomas & Elizabeth Moorman

In Memory of Our Parents: Carl & Rosemary Peters and Bill & Jean Stamback

In Memory of Melissa Moffett, Elmo Redelman and June & Bill Deiwert

In Memory of Ruth Blankman

In Memory of Stanley Reed and Polly McCreary from Liz Reed

In Memory of Omer Fry, Sylvia Ortman and Holly Bruns from Martha Fry

In Memory of Steve Vanderpohl from Ron & Bonnie Frazier

In Memory of Chad Davidson from Mom & Dad

In Memory of Carl, Goldia and Lowell Miller

Marianne Schroeder

Cindy Johannigman

Donald Wilmer

In Memory of Barbara Manus and Larry Welsh

In Memory of Jim & Jane Davis from Jodi

In Memory of Our Parents, Jim & Faye Hewitt

In Memory of Dianne Linkmeyer from Phyllis

In Memory of Dennis Buening

In Memory of Mom, Tim, Ron, Susie & Grandpa Phillips from Bill & Sandy Pratt

In Memory of Dad & Reggie

In Memory of Paul Ernstes from Barbara

In Memory of Tony & Ed O'Mara

In Memory of Darrell Scudder and Mark Washburn

In Memory of Ernie & Lucille Stewart and Bernie & Gus Strunck from Bob & Donna Stewart

In Honor of the Heritage House employees who serve the residents  of the Memory Care Unit with kindness and dignity

In Memory of Art Fischmer

In Memory of Clarence & Alma Fischmer, Walter & Irene Oakley and Harold & Kenneth Oakley

Jeff & Ann Willeford

Golden Rule Class - First Christian Church

In Memory of Robert & Elvera Shaw from Michael

In Memory of Joseph & Kathryn Tebbe from the Family

In Memory of Will & Dot Ricke

In Memory of Delton & Mary Hensley and Patrick Joseph Hensley

In Memory of Bernard & Alberta Koors and Edward & Louise Ricke

In Memory of Clifford Byard by Zelpha

In Memory of Bert & Mary Ann Luken and Mike & Nancy McKee

In Memory of Don & Jim Burns

Vicky Hodapp

Renee McClintic

Remembering Christmases Past, Present & Future

Donald McKinney






Anonymous Donors


In Memory of Howard & Lavern Mozingo and Charles & Stella Hazelgrove from Norman & Charlotte Mozingo

In Memory of Our Godson, Jeff Bedel, from Uncle Bob & Aunt Janet, Godparents

With Love from Freddie & Babes

In Memory of Loved Ones from Dad & Ranse

In Memory of Joe & Leona Strasburger and Claude & Mary Connor

In Memory of Roy & Joleen Connor   

Mary Smith

City Cafe

In Memory of Paul, Ruth & Jim Volk

Alpha Omega Chapter, Alpha Omicron Alpha

Jerry & Diane Saler

In Memory of Bobcat Stephenson from Matt

In Memory of Our Deceased Classmates from the GHS Class of 1968

In Memory of Irvin & Madge Schoentrup from Russell & Nancy Wilhoit, Jodi Owen, Martha Tustison and Families

In Memory of Burnie & Dorothy Wilhoit from Russell & Nancy Wilhoit, Marilyn Wilhoit and Family

In Memory of Herschel & Irene Kunz, Melvin V & Cora Marie Crawley and Mel R Crawley by Dick & Mary Kunz

In Memory of Henry & Cecilia Wesseler

In Memory of Joseph & Helen Muckerheide

In Memory of Kenny Burton from Sandcreek Class of 1954

In Memory of Lucinda Cann from Sandcreek Class of 1954

In Memory of Loved Ones

Charles & Betty Kiefer

Operation Christmas Child - Greensburg Baptist Church Women

In Memory of Neal Nobbe from the Godparents

In Memory of Kathleen "Katz" Scheidler from Mark, Kara & Karson

In Honor of Mr & Mrs Dennis Thompson from the Hamilton kids

In Memory of Dan Hancock by Loved Ones

In Memory of Henry Schwering, Lawrence Schwering, Amelia Schwering, Frances Schwering, Edward Meyer and Alma Meyer

In Memory of Grandma, Grandpa, Mamaw, Dado, Krista and Sally

Pat & Karl Walker

In Memory of Maurice Moeller from Susie Moeller

In Memory of John Kirchhoff

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

In Memory of Dorothy Barber & Matthew Campos from the Family

In Memory of James H Vanderbur

Linger Awhile Home Ec Club