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The drive each year is only as successful as the generosity of our donors. We truly appreciate everyone who gives their time, money and assistance to the Cheer Fund!


$1,000 +

11/26/10 and 11/27/10 Bell Ringing

Decatur County Memorial Hospital - In Honor of the Board of Trustees and the Medical Staff

12/3/10 and 12/4/10 Bell Ringing

WalMart, Greensburg

12/10 & 12/11 Bell Ringing

12/17/10 and 12/18/10 Bell Ringing

In Memory of Capt Robert P Acher

Decatur County Community Foundation, Inc

First Federal Savings & Loan, Greensburg



Bethel Apostolic Church

Honda Mfg of Indiana

In Memory of Grandma Ferry

Enneking Body Shop

Mark Schabel

Thomas & Elizabeth Brown

Decatur Co Board of Realtors

In Memory of Morgan and Nansi Miers


Greensburg Lions Club

In Memory of Mary Ellen Johnson 

In Memory of Penny Schlemmer, Betty Fletcher and Norman Schlemmer

In Honor of the Schabel Family from CAI Family

Presbyterian Women - Greensburg First Presbyterian Church

Raver Ready Mix

Lake Santee Women's Club

In Memory of Dora Waters and Anna Taylor House

Women of the First Church of God

In Memory of Deceased Family Members of Clarence & Mary Veerkamp

In Memory of Robert Simmonds from Employees of Tree City Tool

Decatur County REMC Employees

Sandcreek Baptist Church

Senior Management Team of Decatur County Memorial Hospital

In Memory of 2010 Fallen Fire Fighters:  CJ "Jeff" Granger, William "Bub" Cooper and John Speer from the Clarksburg

          Coffee Drinkers and 2 Teas - Family and Friends

In Memory of Betty L Moore

Greensburg Jr High School Dance Team - Ornament Sales

Courtney Snider - Decatur County United Fund Campaign Donation

DCCF - Ronald A & Judith E Scheidler Memorial Fund


St Mary's and Greensburg Elementary School Bus #1

Peter & Margaret Lowe-Smith

Mary Beth Lowe

Animal Medical Hospital

In Memory of Ersel J Rogers from HJ Umbaugh & Associates

In Memory of John W Moeller

In Memory of Ersel Rogers from Julie Myers, Jim & Janet Welmer, Ron & Trudy Bauerle, Agnes Ludwig, Cindy Nelson Schlarb, Allen & Karen Cramer, Jim & Ann Kunz, Mike & Cheryl Ward, Max & Diana Neimeyer, Ron & Rachel Moffett, Lorina Kreiger, Nancy J Lux, Tim & Lisa Kane, Sandy Moffett, Mark & Laura Ricke, John & June Tumilty, Bill Horstman Family, CG & Betty Gabbard, Duane & Ellen Rauch, and The Blanton Girls: Peg, Suz, Deb, Terri, Ann & Meghan



Danny & Jean Bausback

Optimist Club of Greensburg, IN Inc

Loyal Builders Class of First Baptist Church

In Memory of Charles Gilliland II

In Memory of Gerald Foster, Our Dad

Al & Mary Doles

In Memory of Mike Brewsaugh

Bill & Marge Hunter

In Memory of Loved Ones from Marilyn Thackery

In Honor of Linda Smith, Sherril Tarplee, John Pratt and Rick & Michelle Meadows

Alpha Beta Chapter - Alpha Omicron Alpha Sorority

In Memory of Richard H Nobbe and Carroll "Wig" Knarr

D R & R L Lowe

Greg & Linda Westrup

In Memory of Sheldon & Elizabeth Smith from Anonymous

Greensburg Knights of St John

In Memory of Paul Gauck from Grandma & Grandpa


In Memory of Our Parents, Gene & Elisabeth Sturgeon and Howard & Bernice Barth

In Memory of Virgil Whipple and Sarah Whipple

Sandusky United Methodist Men

JP & Anne Westhafer

In Memory of Walter, Kimberly Lynn and Beth Ann Barker from the Family

In Memory of Brad Buening

Decatur Co Extension Homemakers Clubs:  Evening Bells, Kitchin Kookies, St Maurice Club, Fifty Club, Night Extension and Linger Awhile

In Memory of Clyde & Clara Kluttz from the Zttulk's

In Honor of Jean Reed and Ralph & Mildred Ponsler

A Cheerful Elf

Millhousen Knights of St John #227

In Memory of Deceased Members from Beta Alumnae Chapter of Delta Theta Tau

In Memory of Jerry Westhafer from Will & Carole Burr

In Memory of Walter B Lowe from the Lowe Family

In Memory of Marie Braden Borchers from the Lowe Family

In Memory of Jack Pike from Nick and Scott Hadler

St Lawrence Auxiliary #100


Dick & Benna Moore

Kevin & Carol Whipple

In Memory of Bob & Elvera, Lawrence and Christopher

In Memory of My Husband, Forrest Grimes, Our Parents, Glenn & Helen Gault and Ors & Alpha Grimes

In Memory of Elvin & Ethel Linkmeyer from Roger, Dianne, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren

In Memory of Steve Hunter from Oliver & Marian Hunter

In Memory of Carl H Miller from The Miller Families

In Honor of Stephen AmRhein and Tony AmRhein serving in the United States Navy and Air Force

In Memory of Marilyn Rosenberry

In Memory of Charles Hellmich, John & Irene Hellmich, Jack & Leola Bokelman and David Bokelman from Rita

Decatur County Farm Bureau Inc

Cathy & Brian Guthrie

Jane Carmony

In Memory of George, Harold and Virginia Rupp from the Family

In Memory of Barry Jo Spurling from Tree City Barkers 4-H Club

In Memory of Jerry Westhafer

In Memory of Geoffrey (John) Maynard

In Memory of Bob Metz and Bill Rayner from Rheadawn Metz

Scott & Johanne King

In Memory of Wallace & Mildred Wall and Harlan & Margie Fuller from John & DJ

Howard & Mary Parker

Stadley & Hagerty Dentistry

Moffett & Sons Inc

In Jesus' Name

Parkside Lanes

In Memory of Sue Wilson and Dorotha Wenning from Bill, Holly and Zoe

In Memory of Vivian Noah from her family

In Memory of Lillie L Gibson from husband, Carl

In Memory of Mom & Grandma, Dottie Ricke, Grandma & Grandpa Koors, Grandma & Grandpa Ricke , PJ Hensley and
          Delton Hensley

In Honor of Anthony Buening

Greensburg Elementary School 2nd Grade Class - Money for Mittens

Nancy Demare

Olive Aerie 927 FOE, Greensburg



Kingston Presbyterian Church

In Memory of Stanton & Lorene Shirk and Jim Volk from Linda Volk

In Memory of Marge from Her Family

In Memory of Mom & Dad, Clark and Don

Stan & Betty

Star Baptist Church

Langeland Farms

In Memory of JoAnn Ricke from Paul, Rita, Marge and Paula

In Memory of Dale Carmony - Leonard and Chad Holtkamp

In Memory of Mort & Amelia Cleland, Lester, Merrill & Walter Cleland and Imogene Davis

In Memory of June Schlemmer from Schlemmer Wholesale Employees

Students at Greensburg High School

Bill & Kathy Ernstes

Logan, Alainia, Ally and Conner

Dale Huntington

Tim & Kim Stone

For A Favor

Zion United Methodist Women

In Memory of Charlie from Miller and Family

Emily Hasselbeck

Greensburg Soy Processors

In Memory of Ersel Rogers from Midwestern Engineers, Inc

Holy Trinity Lutheran Ladies Aid


Alpha Alumnae Assn - Delta Theta Tau Sorority Inc

Clinton Homemakers Club

Frank & Barbara Manus

In Memory of George Wyatt by Zella, Brian, Jan, Kayla Wyatt and Brenda, Shannon, Aaron Shroder

In Memory of Loved Ones from Don & Jan Whipple

In Memory of Loved Ones from Larry & Vicki Hadler

In Memory of Our Parents: Adolph & Lois Bokelman and Carlos & Mildred Hite

In Memory of Harold, Marcus and "Jay" Woodard

In Memory of Loved Ones from Anonymous

David & Brenda Miller

Country Girls & Guys 4-H Club

In Memory of Momma and Michael Middendorf from Nancy Middendorf

Thankful Hearts Class - Liberty Baptist Church

In Memory of Deceased Members:  Barbara Austen, Edie Hamer, Jean Martin, Vera Owens and Willa Williams
          from Lavreate RHO Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi

In Memory of Lillian Witkemper

In Memory of Parents from Dennis and Reba


In Memory of Joseph & Francis Kuntz, Elmo A Redelman and Marie & Harry Herbert

In Memory of Lester & Opal Diewert
David Hileman

Eunice King

Dennis & Susan Wilson

Sandusky United Methodist Church Women

In Memory of Omer Fry, Sylvia Ortman, Holly Bruns and Bob Simmonds from Martha Fry

Golden Rule Class of First Christian Church

J Howard Ernstes

In Memory of Stella & Kim

In Memory of Our Son, Dale Wilson, and Our Parents, Hershel & Thelma WIlson

Happy Birthday, Jesus

Dale & Carol Boing

In Memory of John & Mary Miller from Bob & Sharon Miller Family

In Memory of Patrick Ewing Osting from His Mother, Margaret E Osting

Don & Sharon Wickens


Rolland & Willadene Wood

For the blessings we received, Tom & Connie Wiley

In Memory of Miller and Our Parents from Doris Ann

In Memory of Harold Weston

In Memory of Sherlock and Kringle from Leroy & Jackie Stephenson

In Memory of Bob Cat Stephenson from Matt Stephenson

Union Baptist Mission Circle

In Memory of Joseph & Katherin Tebbe from the Family

In Memory of Ralph & Mayme Miller and Wilson & Elsie Huey

In Memory of Loved Ones from Carl & Harriet Hensley

In Memory of Loved Ones

In Memory of Robert D Meal from Colleen Meal

In Memory of Gar & Flora Meal and Howard & Belle King from Colleen Meal

In Memory of Willa Mae, John, Uncle Billy, Jennifer and Boomer from Brian & Bev Fisher

In Memory of Harold Rodgers

In Memory of Heather Fisse from Mom & Dad

In Honor of Our Parents, Jim & Janet Detwiler

Marcia S Batterton

In Memory of Clement Peters Sr, Clement "Pete" Peters Jr and Robert & Elvera Shaw

In Memory of Tom T Simmermeyer

In Memory of Oscar & Mabel Hurt from Family

In Memory of Loved Ones

In Memory of Paul E Hime and Other Loved Ones from His Wife, Sara

Paul & Barbara Ernstes

Oliver & Carolyn Jones

Ray & Jeannie Beagle

Bunco Babes

Smyrna Lutheran Church

Alpha Omega Chapter, Alpha Omicron Alpha Sorority

In Memory of Betty Clemons and Susan Dawson from the Family

In Memory of Our Parents from Edward & Charlene

In Memory of C Raymond Burkhead from Mary Jane and Children

In Memory of John R Simmonds from His Wife and Children

In Honor of Paul Gauck and His Friends from the Tim Gauck Family

Hugh & Rosanne Miller

In Memory of Jane Koors from Her Family

In Memory of L'Jean and Michael Middendorf from Robert Middendorf

In Memory of Earl & Goldie Manlief and James Stephens

In Memory of Ron Scheibler & Jean Scheibler



Merry Christmas to Herschel & Thelma Wilson

In Memory of Dorothy Lanning

In Memory of Our Parents and Daughter, Sally Hubbard, from Bill & Jan Hubbard

Therese Zins

Willice & Nita Thompson

David & Claudette Begley

Thankful Hearts Class of First Baptist Church

In Memory of Sparky, Harold and Mark

In Memory of Gregory Lux

In Memory of Our Parents, Jim & Fay Hewitt

In Memory of Grandpa Earl

In Memory of Patricia Moeller

In Honor of Tom & Suzanne Horan from Rebecca

In Honor of Kathy & Bryan Cunningham from Olivia

In Honor of Joe & Eileen Horan from Regan

In Honor of Nancy & Kenney Buening from Adrienne

Shirley Doles

Lou Alexander

Kathleen Shroyer

Shirley Howard

John & Sandra Westhafer

Because We Care - Alma & Edgar Vanderbur

In Memory of Our Son & Brother, Tony O'Mara, from the O'Mara Family

In Memory of Our Dad, Grandpa John William Hogg Sr

In Memory of Carl, Rosemary, Grandma Peters and Aunt Eleanor from Nick and Sally

In Memory of Wayne Davis from the family

Art & Carolyn Cleland

Jane & LJ Taylor


In Memory of Wolter and Schoettmer Families

In Memory of Ruth & EJ Hancock, John C Hancock and John J Hancock

In Memory of Bob Bowen and George & Helen Weimer from the Weimer Family

In Memory of Our Parents, Urb & Agnes Blankman and Our Brother-In-Law, Mike Sexton

In Honor of Steven Hancock & Family, John M Hancock and Dr Priscilla Hancock

In Memory of the Mann and Ryle Families from Budd & June

Matthew & Jessica Bailey

Joni Porter

In Memory of Chad Davidson from Mom & Dad Davidson

In Memory of Clifford Ricke, Robert Wolter and Dottie Ricke

In Memory of Rex & Florence Smith and Arnold & Edna Probst


In Memory of Gene Hatton and Tom Glass

Kathleen Shroyer


AOA - ETA Chapter

Meow! from George

Smyrna Guys & Gals 4-H Club

In Memory of Leander & Inez Roszell and Henry & Myrtle Forkert

In Memory of Rollan Forkert and Delbert & Ruth McClintic

In Memory of William & Willa Ford and Robert Beeson

Alan Wolfgang

Lightbearers - First Baptist Church

Delta Theta Pi

In Memory of Loved Ones from Ron & Sharon Krieger

Bonnie & Clyde (the cat)

In Memory of Tim & Ron Wolford from Bill & Sandy Pratt

OK Class of Union Baptist Church

Bob & Kathryn Schoettmer

In Memory of Raymond Nobbe from the Family

In Memory of John & Marie Zeigler and Christina White from Lila & Don Zeigler

In Memory of John & Agnes Nieman

In Memory of Vincent Starks from His Family

In Memory of Forrest Louden from the Family


Sandusky Harmony Class


In Memory of Neal Nobbe from Godparents

Garrett & Ethan   

In Memory of Loved Ones

In Memory of Cleo Cook

In Memory of Bob Powers from Wife, Alice and Children

In Memory of Bob Wenning from Jerry & Diane

In Memory of Elmer & Jared Krieger and Gloria, Patti and Steven Bender from Your Families

In Memory of Fred & Rita Saler from Jerry & Diane

In Memory of John F Krieger and Michael J Krieger

In Honor of Charlie & Dottie Land - You taught us how to give

Duncan Family

In Memory of Enoch & Lenora Kirtman and Linda Taylor

In Memory of Philip J Navarra

Norman & Charlotte Mozingo

Jerry Renfro


Precious, Pugy, Petee and Rylee

In Memory of Holly from Grandma and Grandpa

In Memory of Edward Wenning and Baby Patrick


In Memory of Henry Schwering, Edward & Alma Meyer and Lawrence, Amelia and Frances Schwering

In Memory of Daniel Wesseler

In Memory of Joleen Connor

In Memory of Claude & Mary Connor and Joe & Leona Strasburger

In Memory of Bill Norfleet and John & Gladys Luers

In Memory of Paul, Ruth & Jim Volk

In Memory of Ray & Mayme Adams

In Honor of Gary Marlow from Dad & Mom

Robert & Sara Foster

Steve Westhafer

Sherry Israel

In Memory of Teresa McCreary from Dick & Polly

In Memory of Henry & Cecilia Wesseler

In Memory of Joe, Helen, Janet and Dale Muckerheide

In Memory of Dale and Greg Lecher

In Memory of James H Vanderbur

In Memory of Clarence & Alma Fischmer, Walter & Irene Oakley and Harold & Kenneth Oakley

In Memory of Nancy McKee

In Memory of Arthur & Eva Simon and Albert & Angela Wissel

In Memory of Our Parents from George & Kathy Morgan

In Memory of Maurice Moeller

In Memory of Henry & Cecilia Wesseler

In Memory of Leo Vanulzen

In Memory of Jim White from Paul White

MDL Coffee & Tea Co


David & Linda Gommel

In Memory of Rick Jones, Greg Phillips and James Clark

In Memory of Burnie & Dorothy Wilhoit from Russell & Nancy WIlhoit and Family

In Memory of Irvin & Madge Schoentrup from Russell & Nancy WIlhoit and Family

In Memory of Pat Osting from Liz

Freddy & Babes

Future Builders 4-H Club

In Memory of Carl Gehl

In Memory of Joe & Agnes Hoeing and Clem & Gertrude Koors from Jim & Marieda

In Memory of Loved Ones

In Memory of Art Blanford Sr from Wife, Sandy

In Memory of Our Dad, Arthur Blanford, Sr from your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren - Dick, John, Terry, Art Jr, Julie and Patty

In Memory of George from Regina Osborn

Dan & Judy Graves

In Memory of Dad & Ranse

In Memory of Our Loved Ones - Don & Jeanie Hermesch

In Honor of Loved Ones from Martha Jean Cartier


In Memory of Clarence & Bertha New

In Memory of Harold & Goldie Rodgers, Arnold Rodgers, Charles Rodgers and Lula Bryant

In Memory of John Tower from Gordon & Susie McLaughlin & Family

In Memory of Earl & Naomi McLaughlin from Gordon & Susie McLaughlin and Family

In Memory of Ed & Kathleen Scheidler

In Memory of Pete Lecher

Joyce McFall

In Memory of Dennis Buening

In Memory of Betty Wenning from Don

In Memory of Alfred Feldman from Don

In Memory of Leonard Dwenger from Don

In Memory of My Sister from KEB

Cash Received in lieu of Toys for Tom Sibbitt Chevrolet's Toy Drive

Builders Group of Mt Moriah Baptist Church

In Memory of Betty Little

In Memory of Harold & Nora Larrison and Merle Richter

In Memory of Bula Wherry

In Memory of John J Hoeing and Phillip D Metz from Bill & Joan Metz and Family

In Memory of James R Burton from Judy and Buttons

In Memory of Mamaw, Dado, Grandma, Sally and Krista

In Memory of Our Angel, Seth Woodard, from Mommy, Daddy and Wesley, Mamaw &
Papaw Ogden and Mamaw & Papaw Essex

In Memory of Donald Eldredge

In Memory of Richard Pickett from John & Madeline

Ted & Linda White

In Memory of Bill Loyd from wife Betty and Children

In Memory of Loved Ones from Lawrence & Ruth Schroeder

In Memory of Dorothy Barber and Matthew Campos

In Honor of Dr Arthur Alunday from Decatur Co Health Dept Employees

Silver Bells 4-H Club

First Church of Christ

OK Class of Union Baptist

In Memory of Karen Innis, Roxy, Andy and baby Merritt

Glenn & Laura Jo Tebbe

Rick & Karla Scheibler


In Memory of John J, John W and John R

In Memory of Alfred Schoettmer

In Memory of Art, Ruth and Joey Meyerrose

In Memory of John, Rose, Bill and Jimmy Loyd and Howard & Barbara Maudlin from the Loyd and Maudlin Families

In Memory of Dale Owens from His Wife & Family

In Memory of Papa Gene Zapfe from Nicholas

Russ King

Robert & Carol Blankman

Ivan & Pat Nading

In Memory of Ruth Silver

In Memory of Papa John, Uncle John, Brother John and Dad John from Becky & Gary

In Memory of Baby Isabelle from Becky & Gary

In Memory of Raymond & Mildred Schoettmer & Howard (LeeBoy) Harrison from Roger & Jean Harrison and Family

In Memory of Stephen Simmons from Mom and Connor

In Memory of Lawrence & Dorothy Dwiggins and John A Dwiggins Sr and Elizabeth Mann from the family

In Memory of Our Sons, Tim and Ron

In Memory of Marvin & Kathy McInteer and Elizabeth Dwiggins from daughter, Stephanie

In Memory of Claude & Lyda Pike

In Memory of Ben & Clara Harmeyer, Joe & Veronica Kunkel and Jacob Kramer

Andrew & Dolores Honeycutt Jr

Greensburg Elementary School Canned Food Drive

Emily Hasselbeck

Stuart Meyer

Kaye Kasamis

Dudley & Bonita Myers

Carl & Jane Tetrick

In Memory of Sheila

In Memory of Jim Werner

In Memory of Craig Ward from Mom & Dad and Chiz & Bonnie Ward from Bob & Gail Ward

In Memory of Craig Ward from Judy Dent

In Honor of Ersel Rogers (Dad) - Love, Melissa & Steve

Country Chums Home Ec Club

Ron & Bonnie Frazier

Mr & Mrs Harold Clemenz

Happy Birthday, Jesus

In Memory of Angels, Elizabeth Nicole Schwering, Mallory Suzanne Moore and Christian Schwering

In Memory of Jim Burkert

In Memory of Fred Cleora and Patrick Fisher from Amy & Tom

In Memory of Mary Lou

In Memory of Joey Shields

In Memory of Donald Fortner and Loved Ones from Martha Fortner, Merry Christmas

In Memory of Bob & Marie Powell, Love from Linda & Jerry

In Honor of Charles Sanders from Cody and Layne

In Honor of IVF Miracles


In Memory of Wanda Emsweller from Paul & Mary Ann Davidson

In Memory of Jim Davis from Charlie, Lee Ann, Ryan, Amber, Brett and Samuel

In Memory of Lois Hood

Burney Baptist Ladies Auxiliary

Tree City Squares - Squaredance Club

In Memory of Sam C Campbell

In Memory of Luella Nobbe

In Memory of Joey Shields, love Mom & Dad, Josh and Jake

In Memory of Ersel Rogers from Dan & Denise Manus and family

In Memory of Ersel Rogers from Sharon Rupp

Greensburg-Decatur County Public Library Festival of Wreaths

In Memory of Del Moeller from Elizabeth Greiwe

In Memory of Del Moeller from John & Vickie Greiwe

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